What to Wear . Photo Sessions

People are always asking me what they should wear to a photo session. There are no rules when it comes to what to wear. The thing I always like to tell people is please oh please, be yourself! You want to be comfortable in your own skin. My goal when capturing your images is to capture your personalities and who you really are. If you are uncomfortable in what you have on, this will come through in your face. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Having said this, here are some more tips…
. Unless you dress matchy matchy on an everyday basis, please skip this for photos too.
. If jeans are what you love to wear, bring them! They make for great photos.
. Don’t be afraid of color.
. Stripes and patterns are ok. The old rule of solids only is long gone!
. Bring both a dressy and a casual look. Dressy can be fun, but casual reflects your day to day self. We will get plenty of formal dressy on your wedding day:)
. For family photos, let the kids have a hand in this too… maybe there is a favorite tu-tu, cape or t-shirt. Bring it!
. When it comes to maternity shoots, we want to show off the belly, so tighter tops are ideal. Bring options.
. Accessories: Bring your favorite shoes, necklace, jewelry, hats, ties, scarves, etc… We LOVE accessories!
. And don’t forget those favorite items that are meaningful to you – a guitar, soccer ball, baseball glove, etc…

If you need help finalizing decisions, I am more than happy to help with that process. Bring a couple extras the day of the shoot and I will be glad to help you narrow down your selections and help pick and choose what might go best together for the photos. Just be yourself:)

Bright colors and plaid. It totally works!

Picnic basket, a blanket, and the cups found their way with us, as they loved picnics on the beach…

He loves music and singing, so he brought his guitar…

Football Jerseys…

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