Cassie + Ben . Pentwater, MI . Engagement

My recent trip to Michigan was centered around the wedding I was there to photograph of Cassie and Ben. Because we both live in different parts of the country, we waited to do the engagement shoot until a few days before the wedding. I drove up to Pentwater where Cassie’s family has the cutest cottage on Lake Michigan. We visited some of their favorite spots, including going down by the water… one of my favorite spots in the world! There is nothing like Lake Michigan. There is also nothing like getting pooped on by a bird. Yes, I’ve never had that happen during a shoot before! Cassie and Ben climbed onto the lighthouse and were standing directly under a bird at the top. I even assured them that if the bird went, it wouldn’t hit them on account of wind. Welcome to downwind. Only me.

Here are some of my faves… bird poop free.

Tranquility is the name of the cottage.

There is an innocent enough looking bird at the top…

Immediately after the bird did the deed…

He got my lenses…

And he got me head to toe. Thanks birdie. Taken by Ben.

Sandy Becker - 09.17.2010 - 11:26 am

Wow, You have such an eye! Your pictures tell a story and bring life to wonderful memories. Thank you.

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