Preggo Belly . My friend Gwen …and Jay

I have been sooooo delinquent in blogging this year. The personal blogs have gone out the window and the professional blogs have been taking longer to get up. I apologize. There is good reason and a lot of you already know, I am expecting baby #2. A boy! A lot of people have been asking “Where are the belly pictures?”. To that I answer, “Coming…”. Now with less than 6 weeks until my due date and most likely even less until the arrival of our second son, I figure it’s time to share. Better late than never, right?

Preggo Belly. So to sum up this pregnancy in a nutshell – complete surprise. Paul and I were caught quite off guard when two little lines showed up on that stick. Even more surprising, when the ultrasound tech confirmed it by saying “There it is”. Me – “There what is?!”. Her – “The baby”. Yep, surprised we were. This pregnancy has been a complete whirlwind from that moment ’til now. A lot has been happening… with my business, a toddler at home, pregnancy, travels, life, busy busy. Sitting here with only a blink of time before this little man arrives, I am truly amazed at what a ride my life is. I love every moment – anticipated or surprise. I can’t wait to meet this little dude and welcome him into our crazy precious family. These pictures were taken by Gwen. Thank you for capturing this moment!

My Friend Gwen. Gwen is one of my most bestest friends in this big world. We met in Chicago during college and make a good effort to travel together or to see one another at least once a year, sometimes more. We are both mommy’s to adorable little men and both love photography. She came to visit in March and we decided to do a photo session. She is a super creative mind and happens to be very photogenic too. Lucky me:)She also has a blog post from our time together (which was posted in a MUCH more timely fashion than I am currently doing.) – Click here to read. Gwen is also expecting, minus the baby bump. If you want to read more, she has a highly entertaining (she is a great writer) and enlightening blog sharing her story –

Jay. Jay will be turning two at the end of this month. We try to explain the belly/baby situation to him and he appears to understand so much. Yet his little predictable world is about to be turned upside down. Poor little man. Gwen captured some shots of him with the belly, Paul and I. I love Love LOVE this first one because whenever you mention “baby”, Jay comes running over to me, lifts my shirt up and points to my belly and says “bay-bee”. The lifting of the shirt is a vital part of this process. It’s as if the baby doesn’t exist until skin is exposed. In this pic, he is in the process of unveiling bay-bee, all with a stick in the other hand. I love my little man!

My little man’s smile…

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